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The Getty is honored to re-publish four Leo Politi children's books.


written and illustrated by Leo Politi

This delightful picture book from beloved children's book author Leo Politi, originally published in 1971, tells the story of Emmet, one of the many stray dogs taken in by old Mr. Winkel, among them, Poupee, Oscar, and Puff. Emmet was always the troublemaker of the lot, escaping from Mr. Winkel's yard to chase the neighborhood cats and snatch toys from small children. He even refused to obey the grocer's sign that clearly said, "No dogs allowed"! Tired of putting up with Emmet's energetic pranks, Mr. Winkel's neighbors are ready to call the dogcatcher when the rascally dog saves the grocer's shop from a fire set by a prowler. (This is a "true story" that takes place in the neighborhood of Angeleno Heights.)  Emmet was a stray and one of many dogs that Leo Politi adopted. Today you can still see Emmet as Leo Politi's immortalized Emmet as part his Los Angeles treasured mural entitled "The Blessing of the Animals" at Olvera Street.

http://www.getty.edu/ bookstore/titles/emmet.html


(1949 Honor Book Award)

written and illustrated by Leo Politi

Olvera Street and the Historic El Pueblo de Los Angeles, the setting for "Juanita", also a Caldecott Honor book, is a fable about the annual blessing of the animals at Easter time. In 1978, Leo Politi painted the mural entitled "The Blessing of the Animals" at the Historic Landmark, El Pueblo de Los Angeles.

http://www.getty.edu/ bookstore/titles/juanita.html

Pedro: The Angel of Olvera Street

(1947 Honor Book Award)

written and illustrated by Leo Politi

"Pedro the Angel of Olvera Street" (a Caldecott Honor book) is a Christmas story that takes place at the famous Los Angeles street address. For years this charming story has been adapted into plays and puppet shows throughout the United States at Christmas time.


Song of the Swallows

(Winner of the 1950 Caldecott Medal Award)

written and illustrated by Leo Politi

This Caldecott Medal winning picture book from the beloved writer and illustrator Leo Politi tells the story of the yearly arrival of the swallows to the Mission San Juan Capistrano. Julian, the bell ringer of the mission, tells young Juan the story of the swallows and together they eagerly await the birds return. Music and lyrics for "La Golondrina," a traditional song about the swallows, are included and Spanish phrases are sprinkled throughout the story. This charming book is an excellent introduction to the history of the California missions for young children.

http://www.getty.edu/ bookstore/titles/swallows.html

Leo Politi: Artist of the Angels

by Ann Stalcup
Published by Silver Moon Press

In Leo Politi: Artist of the Angels, Ann Stalcup, fan and friend of Leo's for twenty years, chronicles the life and career of a man who lived to create art.  Over fifty years of Leo's pieces - from massive mural to delicate sketch - enhance the story of his long and fruitful life.

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